Introducing Maze Editor – Video Demo

Well, we finally got our macOS app to the point that it’s usable and we can save/load data files.

Check out the video on youtube:

Yes, we know it still needs some work, but it’s working great and now we can get started on the iOS portion of this 2 app project 🙂


  • save/load levels
  • issues tracker
    • Lets you know when the level doesn’t have specific key items: Map, Compass, Key
    • Lets you know when the level doesn’t have an entrance and/or exit
    • highlights issues in the map editor area
  • Test on iOS, sends the current level being edited to an iOS device for testing

We don’t think the app is quite ready for alpha testing, but we are excited for the features that were added and working so decided to do a video demo. We hope you enjoy it.

That’s all for now!