Taking a break – Giving our App an identity

Comping up with the icon:

Sometimes the hardest part about making a new app is coming up with an app icon. It represents your application’s identity and what users will know your app by. It needs to be something simple that conveys what your app does. Generally it’s not a good idea to put words in said icons because they are usually viewed in the standard sizes of 32×32, 64×64 and even as small as 16×16…

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Saving/Loading Files

It’s been a few weeks since our last post so without further ado…

Deciding your document format sometimes can be difficult. Other times very easy, especially when you’re just creating simple documents of data that has a format that’s already defined (images for image editors, text documents for text editors etc). But when coming up with a format to represent your custom data it can almost be just as hard as coming up with a name for something…

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Getting Started – Reusing Code in a cross platform way

When we first got started with making the Mac Editor App, we decided we were going to reuse some code from the current alpha of the iOS game that this editor is going to be a utility to, since both the macOS and iOS versions would share some images we generate dynamically.

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First Post!

Intro – I can has first post?!

Please bare with us, as the current project we are working on has come along pretty well and we just decided to start blogging about it. So there will be many posts quickly to summarize our progress so far.

Currently we are working on an Editor App that creates/edits data files for our forthcoming game on iOS.

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