UI – Issues Tracker

After working on the room properties UI the next thing we wanted to do was add a way to track different issues with a given level. Some of the things we wanted to track were:


The following would be marked as actual errors, since how would a player enter or exit a level without them?

  • No Entrance/Exit in the level


Next we wanted note or caution items, not marked as errors but just some things to be aware of:

  • No Item set such as Map, Compass or Key.
  • Noting that a room as all valid directions locked
  • Noting that a player can fall off the map
    • a room with a valid exit doesn’t have a room the player can move to
    • The player can fall off the boundaries of the map itself

UI for display

We wanted 2 ways to show these:

  1. Provide a ListThe following was what we came up with for the list view:

  1. Visual indication in the editor itself

… And this is where we are at today.

So now the blog is caught up to where we are today, we are attempting to provide the visual indicators in the editor self to reflect the issues that are being tracked.

That’s all for now!