Solving a nagging problem

Did you ever have a problem that no matter how much you tried, you couldn’t figure it out? Well today we solved one (of course we have many, but that’s for another time) of ours!

Content View and Sizing

For almost the entire length of our editor project we’ve been having problems with our editor view not resizing as intended as can be seen in this video (7 seconds):

As you can see the content wasn’t resizing with the addition/removal of the Toolbar and Tab bar… that was bugging us for quite a while.

Autolayout Guides

We looked and relooked at our auto layout constraints, modified them, broke them cursed at them (oh did we ever…) but to no avail… we even googled many times (which turned up nothing and mostly answers about auto layout for iOS… not macOS…)

Enter Content View

Finally, today we looked at the window options, we clicked the checkbox for “Full Size Content View”

Unchecking Full Size Content View

thinking “this won’t fix it” (being pessimistic sometimes…) ran the project… and SUCCESS!!

Here’s a short video (Approx. 4 seconds):

Moral of the story

  1. Don’t be pessimistic no matter how long a problem has been bugging you
  2. Try all options (you can always set things back)
  3. RTFM

That’s all for now!