Saving/Loading Files

It’s been a few weeks since our last post so without further ado…

Deciding your document format sometimes can be difficult. Other times very easy, especially when you’re just creating simple documents of data that has a format that’s already defined (images for image editors, text documents for text editors etc). But when coming up with a format to represent your custom data it can almost be just as hard as coming up with a name for something…

We are still having a little trouble with that. Currently we have loadingĀ the file format working, and it seems to work great. It’s the saving part that we’re having a hard time with… saving the document once works great. Subsequent saves… not so much.

We’ll save some of the implementation details for perhaps another post but here’s a screenshot of 1st save of our document:

The first time our document is saved

and here’s what it looks like after 1 subsequent save:

Document after second save

Now something tells us.. that’s not exactly what we meant to have happen… so that’s what we are working right now and we’ll postĀ again when we have it working better.

That’s all for now!